I am finalizing my time with the Founder Institute and preparing for graduation! The Founder Institute has been an amazing learning experience. Even without starting a company, the education received is well worth the time and effort. I have made tremendous progress and gained a lot of confidence through this program. I have experience in developing products, but not in bringing a product to market. I went from having too

In the past, people relied on natural skills, good genes, training, and diet in order to improve their performance. According to David Epstein of The Sports Gene, if Jesse Owens competed in the 100 meter championships today, he would finish second, behind Usain Bolt. His race time would be half a second faster; this is simply because of the change in starting blocks and race tracks, not an improvement in performance. “Racetrack surfaces have had

Our present is not the result of the best we can do at any given time, it’s a legacy of the past, for the best and the worst. Our present is the fruit of an evolution, but this evolution is not linear, it’s chaotic and there are many parameters at play. Many great inventions or superior technological solutions to a given problem never meet success because they are not born


Apr 2016


For a long time, software has been perceived in an utilitarian way. It was used to accomplish a task, process some data, or automate a tedious calculation. Within this perception, a good User Interface had to be a simple and straight forward way to interact with a functionality. No pain, no pleasure, just a function. Software was a tool! Now software is everything and everywhere! It is how we interact with the world, it replaces many