Victorise software is for computer, mobile, and wearables. Our algorithms transform raw data from GPS, sensors, and devices, into user friendly notifications.
Video Games and Sports: Nerds and Jocks.

Nerds. Jocks.

Once separated by a large social divide are now becoming interchangeable. This dramatic interchange can be attributed to professional sports embracing technology, and athletes using technology to their benefit.

Then you have your hybrids- those who are fusing gaming and athletics together and getting more people off the couch and onto the field.

Victorise, an ambitious San Diego based startup leveraging software and hardware to improve athletic performance, is one such company.

Jerome Lacote, Founder and CEO of Victorise, is a video game developer and a Mountain Bike National Champion.

Jerome Lacote explains his excitement by saying, “With Victorise, we are able to combine my knowledge of the action sport industry with product and software development. The whole team is really excited about how we are going to impact athletes everywhere.”

Victorise is passionate about changing the landscape for professional and competitive athletes worldwide and is aggressively seeking to establish a foothold across multiple sporting fields.

The passion behind those fueling Victorise are driven by wanting to bring attention to athletes everywhere how important data is to defining their performance.

Data is everywhere we look, but it takes “smart” technology to be able to use it, learn from it, and give its user the information he or she needs when the user needs it most.

Victorise uses augmented reality, sensors, data storing, and geo-locators to maximize the potential that every athlete has. Their aim in using this technology is to increase athletic performance and to reduce athlete injuries.

That is why user interface and accessibility is of chief importance to Victorise. Not only does the product need to work, deliver, and help athletes to excel, but the founders of Victorise also are passionate about displaying the data in a simple and engaging manner.

Athletes, as well as investors, have expressed interest and are excited to see the progress the company continues to make as Victorise builds momentum.

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