Energy pumped through the conference auditorium as startups from all over the world gathered together in the rich, innovative atmosphere of Silicon Valley.

We were excited to be invited to Founder X, an institute of energetic, forward-thinking individuals of start ups and tech giants.

In Silicon Valley, there are countless giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. But in no way did we feel Victorise was a David and Goliath story. Our aim, our confidence, our desire, and our excitement to be in Silicon Valley made us feel that we too were of Goliath size.

What were we so excited about?


It was the first time we were able to demonstrate our stage-one product, and we are extremely proud of our conceptual model- endearingly nicknamed, “Egg.”

I really wish we could say that the reason we nicknamed the device “Egg” is because this product is going to give birth to the next tech giant, or that we nicknamed it “Egg” because of the potential of growth and life.

But really it’s because our CEO, Jerome Lacote, looked at the device resting on the table. He paused, as if to say something moving.

I was expecting to hear something insightful. Something along the lines that the team had made a huge breakthrough. That we were getting near to market. That Victorise was going to change the landscape for athletes everywhere.

“It looks like an egg,” Jerome said.

And then it hit us. It did. Our device looked like an egg. We laughed.

But Egg works. And given a second chance, I’ll proudly say, Egg is going to grow to Dinosaur proportions as the next tech giant.

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