“  In motocross, the arrival of new technologies could revolutionize training methods. Let’s head to California for a brand new vision on the future of MX !

“… Unlike numerous giants, Jerome Lacote, French designer based in California knows that a good design must have a well-defined purpose and simple usability. Having worked for Disney, or Activision, he is not at his first product. Additionally, Jerome is an experienced MTB racer, first European to become DH US National Champion. So he is close enough to Pro racers and understands better than anyone their needs…….

“ On our testing day, prototypes have been given to 2 pro athletes riding: Enzo Oliviera and Jo Shimoda. Both of them liked the prototype a lot, which they find useful and not annoying at all.

Jo Shimoda said: “You can try different lines and see right away the difference without having to stop to ask your coach. We save a lot of time!”.

Enzo Oliviera liked being able to work on different sections of the track: “With the pit-boards, you can see the time of your lap, but not for 3 or 4 different sections. Now, we can ride longer while working on our skills, this is great!”

The team Victorise is confident, they know how to do a simple user interface. The product must be usable to anyone, and for any sport. It can be motocross, enduro, but also skiing, biking, etc.”

A Kickstarter campaign will be launched this fall to raise funds. The product is not on the market yet, but everyone who tried it, have quickly become addicted.



Online article… in french


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