Power In your hand: Simply run our app on your smartphone or smartwatch and track your performance to define YOUR race plan.
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Power of Sight: We bring the information right before your eyes. We are building Augmented Reality wearables and are deploying our technology on many current and upcoming devices.
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Power of Our Brain: Our technology and algorithms learn from our users- and learn what YOU want and need to raise YOU to a new level of performance, safety, and fun based on your abilities.
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Power in your hand
Our technology is available to anyone with a smartphone (IOS and Android)
Track your data when you run, ride, or perform your favorite activity
Optimize your performance with our race companion software
Victorise app allows you to share your performance data, or download insight from the greatest athletes and coaches in our Marketplace
From step by step navigation, effort management, training plans, to real-time feedback- our app will provide you the help you need where and when you need it
– Step By Step Navigation: Set your own geo-location markers
– Effort Management: Our software optimizer displays how you perform in any circumstance: know what to do and when to do it
– Training Plan: Log and store your data
– Compare your training plans with other professional athletes and coaches of your sport
– Real-Time Feedback: Be given alerts on your course by logging geo-locating markers
– Track the distance between you and your competitors
– Be alerted of your track times- and alerted if you are ahead or behind
Power of your sight
We believe Augmented Reality will change the way we interact with our world, and will be the most efficient way to help athletes train and perform
We are deploying our solution to AR headsets- displaying the complexity of data into simple, informative displays
Using Augmented Reality, we are able to process your raw data and display actionable information seamlessly in your environment in a timely and non-overwhelming display
The power of AR allows our athletes to see the power of their data and the actions needed to optimize their performance
See how you can become faster, more efficient, and hone your skills in your sport
Power of the Brain
Your data defines your performance
Victorise empowers you to redefine your performance and optimize your abilities
Control the power that is in your hand and in your sight, with the power of our software and algorithms to optimize your abilities
Our super-computer not only analyzes your data, but our algorithms also allow for machine learning to pair you with specialists and coaches in your field- allowing you to optimize a performance plan specifically for you based off of your abilities
Machine learning: our software learns from your previous performances and from other users, and optimizes the best plan for your ability within your sport
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