Our Team at the Los Angeles Augmented Reality Hackathon

Well, we did it! Victorise brought our vision to life at the LA Augmented Reality Hackathon. Nearly 50 straight hours of coding and designing led to a tangible product: building a race course with a working localization marker system.

Seeing your hard work go from computer screen to reality, literally seeing your code become visible objects in a room, was an amazing feeling. There were a lot of high fives and fist pumps.

We used Microsoft’s Hololens unit to bring our race track and localization marker system to life. Hololens units are mixed reality head-mounted smartglasses. The HoloLens has a head-mounted display unit connected to an adjustable, cushioned inner headband.

Using the Hololens we were able to create an E-Sports game, which allowed us to create a race track and drop “beacons” or markers along the track. Our “beacons” were activated by voice command and gestures.

It was awesome seeing your normal surroundings through the Hololens, and then by voice command activating our localization markers to display them in real life via augmented reality.

Check out some of our footage!

Excitement (and tons, I mean TONS of caffeine) flowed through us. Moments like that made the whole no sleep, no showering situation completely worth it.

Victorise came with a purpose. We saw what we could do- and soon we’re going to show athletes everywhere the awesome and exciting tools that Victorise is bringing.

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